Supporters & Alumni Association


The object of this society shall be to support and promote the FFA, FFA activities, and agricultural education on local, state and national levels;

to provide engagement opportunities to former FFA members and supporters of FFA and agricultural education;

to promote greater knowledge of the agricultural industry and support education in agriculture;

to cooperate with the local FFA chapter, and FFA at the state and national level;

to promote and maintain an appreciation of the American free enterprise system; and to promote the personal development aspect of FFA.

Want to Join?

Each meeting features and Adult Agriculture Education Topic!

You don't have to be a former FFA member to join!

You don't have to be the guardian of an FFA member to join!

Annual Dues: $10.00/Household

Meeting Months: Fall: September, October, November, & December

Winter: February, March, & April

Summer: June - Concert & Calf-Fry

Contact Mr. Isakson at for more information!

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